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Specializing in Lifestyle Psychiatry

The Care You Deserve

You may have heard the "buzz words"...Holistic (or Wholistic) Care. Problem is that not every healthcare provider follows through to actually address the "whole person."  Medications with a weight gain side effect are prescribed and the metabolic effects are left unchecked... A medication for mood is started but the client is never evaluated for conditions that impact how effectively the drug is used by the body... Over and over, clients can find themselves feeling frustrated in attempt to find a way to achieve balance.


Lifestyle psychiatry is designed to start with an assessment of not only mental health symptoms, but also risk and preventative factors, diet and nutrition, exercise and sleep.  Your treatment plan may consist of prescription psychiatric medication, prescription weight loss, natural supplements, exercise routines, nutrition planning, and tobacco cessation.  Perhaps you want to start walking 3 times a week, but depression has you stuck on the couch.  Maybe binge eating has left you feeling helpless in front of a pile of cheese doodles...and it's left you with both a weight and mental health challenge to overcome. Children with ADHD/ADD perform better on specific wellness plans, in addition to stimulants. Modern medicine recognizes that to achieve and maintain good health, we need to look at more than just the presenting one or two problems.

At ACHIEVE, we are committed to paying attention to You. All of you.  Because depression probably won't resolve if "treatment" results in 30 pounds of unwanted weight gain and fatigue. 

Some of the problems we treat include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and worry

  • Mania

  • Psychosis

  • Eating too much/too little

  • Obsessions and compulsivity 

  • Inattentiveness and loss of focus

  • And many more...

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