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Every patient is unique. Our commitment to you is that our staff - from the front desk to the healthcare providers - listen. Your mental health provider will work with you to develop a treatment plan, ensure you make informed decisions, and help you achieve your goals. Antidepressants making you gain weight? Feel fatigued? Can't focus at work? We can help with that.  No matter how far from "living your best life" you are, we're dedicated to getting you there. You just found your partner in your journey to total wellness.

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Mental Health and Wellness Services


Prescription Medication

* Natural solutions/supplements

* Anti-anxiety/depressants

* Sleep/wakefulness

* ADHD/stimulants

* More

Teen Psychologist

Services - Conditions We Treat

* Treatment-resistant Depression

* Bipolar (Manic Depression)

* Binge Eating Disorder

* Sexual Dysfunction

* More


Wellness Services

* Prescription Weight Loss

* Prescription Rejuvenation

* Neuropsychiatric Testing

* Genetic Testing

* More

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